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Free Art Lessons

Art doesn’t have to always be perfect. But it can be creative, and most of all… fun! We want to spark the creativity that is inside you by taking a few minutes to show you how to draw something. Whether you are in school or out, or just needing to watch something so you can have a break from the craziness of your day, we want to provide simple, directed drawing videos for you. So, get some paper, something to draw with, and let’s get doodling!

We’ll Show You How Step-By-Step

In our free drawing lessons, we take you from start to finish by drawing and coloring some pretty fun things.

Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons


See how to draw this turtle then add your own design to the shell. Click the link below to get started.

Kitty Cat

Let’s have fun and draw a kitty cat step-by-step. See how we do it. Click the button below.

Toucan Bird

Draw a cute toucan bird on a branch. Then color it any way you’d like. See how. Click the button.

Rocket Ship

Let’s draw a rocket ship in outer space together. Click below to get started.

Cutie Orange

Hey! Let’s draw this cutie step-by-step. Learn how by clicking below.


We love drawing this little frozen guy. Click the button below to learn how.

Looking For Worksheets?

Trace our drawings. Connect the dots. Write your letters. Print them all for free. Click below to see them.


We love watermelon! We love to draw it too! Learn with us by clicking below.


Let’s draw this cute little guy step-by-step. Click the link to learn how.


This is one of our faves to draw. Click the link to see why and learn with us.


Mmmm cherries. Let’s draw some and learn a cool coloring technique.


Wanna learn how to draw an apple? Click on the button below and let’s have some fun!

Fourth of July Friends

Hot dogs and rocket pops are our summer jam. See how to draw them with us.

Boxer Dog

Let’s draw a cute boxer dog with a surprise. See how to draw them with us. Click the button below.

Baseball Player

Play ball! and draw this fun guy. Click the link below to learn how.


You can draw this for Father’s Day or anytime. Click the link to see how we do it.


Hey! Let’s draw and color this cool banana. Click below to learn how to do it step-by-step.

Squiggly Doodle Exercise

This drawing exercise will help you focus on strength. Click the button to view the full lesson.

St. Paddy's Day Shamrock

Learn how to draw a cute shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. Draw and color step-by-step.

Super Easy Rainbow

Learn to draw a super easy rainbow and then color it using R-O-Y-G-B-V. Click to watch.

Cute Penguin

Learn how to draw a cute penguin holding a ballon. Click below to start.

#LOVE Robot


Heart Cat

Draw a cat from a heart shape. Click the button to learn how.

Happy Hippo

Celebrate with this happy hippo. Draw it step-by-step by clicking the button below.

Owl Friends

See how to draw these owl friends in the moonlight by clicking the link below.

Ice Cream Cone

We love drawing this with a cherry on top. Click the button below to learn how.

Happy Bee

See how to draw this be and flower for summertime. Learn with us by clicking below.

Popsicle Bite

Yum! See how to draw this cutie. Click the link below to learn how.

Love Llama

Learn how to draw a cute llama for mama. Click below to start step-by-step.

Mother Owl

Let Mom know you love her with this cute owl drawing. See how to do it, click below.

Berry Fun Card

Here’s a berry fun card idea for Mother’s Day or anytime. Click to see what we did.

Looking For Coloring Pages?

Don’t have time to draw? Print out our coloring sheets to start coloring. Click below to see them.

Christmas Dinosaur

Rawr! Draw this fun dinosaur running away with a gift. See how by clicking below.

Fun Fox

What does the fox say? We have no clue. But we can draw one. You can too. Click below to learn how.

Fun Owl

Let’s draw an owl on a tree branch. See how we do it and follow along. Click below to get started.

Turkey Time

Gobble, gobble! Time to draw a cute turkey step-by-step. See how we color it too. Click the button.

Winter Polar Bear

Oh no! This cute polar bear got wrapped in Christmas lights. Let’s learn how to draw and color him.

Rudolph For Christmas

Learn how to draw Rudolph the red-nose reindeer. Then color him step-by-step. Click below.

Christmas Panda

Want to learn to draw a Christmas panda step-by-step? Click the button below to see how.

Manger Scene

See how we draw the manger scene for Christmas as we celebrate Jesus. Click below.

squiggly doodles

We Want To Spark The Creativity In Everyone By Drawing Something Fun!